Alien Registration and Naturalization

About this collection

This collection contains Alien Registration and Naturalization materials from the holdings of the State Archives of North Carolina. It includes volumes and other county records relating to the naturalization of foreign-born citizens in which the clerk of superior court acted as federal agent. Volumes may include Declaration of Intent to Become a Citizen, Petitions for Naturalization, and Alien Registration. The records can include photos of the applicant, country of origin, North Carolina county in which they were living, their profession, and the names of their children or other family members.

The Alien Registration and Naturalization records are presented here as PDFs. The structure of the PDFs largely reflect the physical order of the original records; however, some of the larger volumes were divided into two or more PDF files. For each PDF file an index prepared by Archives staff precedes the actual records. The index for each file relates only to records contained in that file. At the top of the index is the call number, county name, and the name of the volume. The index contains relevant information about what is found in the records, usually names, dates, countries of origin, family members, and occupation. Not all records contain the same level of detail, so some indexes are less complete.

Alien Registration and Naturalization information is not available for all counties in North Carolina. To learn more about these materials, search the online catalog (MARS).

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